Välkommen till Kalmarsunds Tangoförening

Känsla, närhet och ordlös kommunikation...

Vi i Kalmarsunds Tangoförening är tokiga i argentinsk tango och vill att fler ska dansa med oss!

Vi anordnar träning, kurser och tangofester. Här kan du följa vad som händer, berätta gärna för andra och bjud in dina vänner till våra tangoevenemang!

Allt för att främja tangon i Kalmartrakten.

Helgworkshop med Nico Bottega 

Nicos worshop i höstas var mycket uppskattad och nu kommer han tillbaka till Kalmar igen och ger en två dagars workshop sista 27 28 april

Det blir totalt fyra lektioner

Lördag och söndag 12:30-14:00 och15:00-16:30

Hela helgen kostar 800:-, en enstaka workshop kostar 250:-  

För anmälan och info ring Anja 073-444 35 62


Vita villan, Teatersalen, en trappa upp

Skälbyallén 6, 392 38 Kalmar.

Milonga lördag 27 april kl 17-23
knytis 17, milongan börjar 18
Entré 100kr, för de som är med på WS 50kr
Dörbysalen ligger i Smedby väster om Kalmar
Parkera gärna vid ICA!
Smedbyvägen 50
394 70 Smedby

Beskrivning av de olika lektionerna under helgens WS:

Special class “Caressing with the feet”

​                      The positioning of the hips and its relation with the earth it's a key aspect of tango dancing. To be more aware of this relation will bring quality to our dance, and so to create awareness we are going to use the image of "caressing (the floor) with the feet" to really grasp how this relation works. It’s a very simple exercise that provides a lot of self-awareness and control over our bodies.

Also, we are going to work into achieving the right balance between connection to the floor and freedom of movement.

We are going to work on this for both linear and circular movements.


Focal points and pivots

To understand pivots and focal points, we will work with an analogy about the embrace and a parabolic antenna. A parabolic antenna collects all of the information that it receives in its plate and focus it on one single point. In the same way, we can focus all of our energy both leading and following into one single point that summarizes the information that we want to share.

For the follower, that point is fix, and it’s placed in the chest area. But for the leader it can slide within the embrace, along the chest and arms. By sliding the focal point, the leader will be able to lead pivots in the follower, thus creating new possible directions. Also, we are going to understand the vital importance of the feet in this process.


                      Fighting the collapse of energy!

                                 Acollapse of energy generates a crisis of internal connection of the body. A body not connected internally can’t connect to another one effectively, so the connection between the dancers would suffer greatly. Collapsing the energy, is to collapse the quality of movement and connection.

As we worked last time, and as said in my essay “The importance of the feet” which I encourage you to read, the feet play a very important role in being “present” with our energy.

We are going to go through our usual tango steps and analyze how and when this collapse of energy happens in our dance, and we’ll work on fixing that.



                      To teach musicality is only possible by encouraging it to flourish by offering new tools to express what is already inside you, and for that you need to explore, to play. On this statement I base my teaching about musicality, and it’s what’s going to shape the workshop.

                                 We are going to discuss about how the group understands musicality and from that, try to suggest new tools to be able to express what everyone has inside.